Refurbished HP 840 G5 14″ I5-8350U 16GB/256GB-SSD/W10P (A-Grade)

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Introducing the Refurbished HP EliteBook 840 G5: A Sleek and Powerful Business Companion

Elevate your business productivity with the Refurbished HP EliteBook 840 G5, a premium 14″ laptop that combines sleek design with powerful performance. This A-Grade refurbished unit features an Intel Core i5-8350U processor, 16GB of RAM, and a swift 256GB SSD, providing a reliable and efficient computing experience for professionals on the go.

Key Features:

  1. Intel Core i5-8350U Processor: Harness the power of the Intel Core i5 processor for seamless multitasking, fast data processing, and smooth performance. The EliteBook 840 G5 is designed to meet the demands of business professionals, ensuring reliable performance in every task.
  2. 16GB RAM: Experience enhanced productivity and effortless multitasking with 16GB of RAM. From running multiple applications to handling data-intensive projects, this laptop is equipped to keep up with your business requirements.
  3. 256GB SSD Storage: Enjoy quick boot times, rapid data access, and ample storage space with the 256GB SSD. The Solid State Drive not only ensures speed but also enhances the overall responsiveness of the laptop, providing a smooth user experience.
  4. Windows 10 Professional: The EliteBook 840 G5 comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Professional, offering a familiar and secure operating system for business use. Benefit from advanced security features, productivity tools, and a user-friendly interface.
  5. A-Grade Refurbishment: Rest assured that your EliteBook 840 G5 meets A-Grade standards, having undergone thorough refurbishment processes. This ensures a visually appealing device that performs at its best, providing you with a reliable computing companion.
  6. Sleek 14″ Design: The EliteBook 840 G5 boasts a sleek and professional design with a 14″ display, making it the perfect companion for professionals on the move. The compact form factor and lightweight construction make it easy to carry without sacrificing performance.

Upgrade your business computing experience with the Refurbished HP EliteBook 840 G5. Whether you’re in the office, at a client’s site, or on the road, this laptop offers the perfect blend of style and functionality. Order yours today and elevate your business mobility.

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