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SIP Troubleshooting

Below are some frequent questions we are asked about SIP/VoIP

  I have one-way audio – IP routing issue, check firewall settings and ports. SIP telephone will not register/provision – IP routing issue, can you ping the provisioning server? Call quality or lost audio problems – Traffic issues, your ISP may be busy or having issues Buzzing on the line – Caused by analogue devices, faulty cable/adapter or ATA. Echo during calls – Reconnect call, if problem continues possible traffic issues (see above).  

Here are some basic firewall configuration settings for SIP/VoIP

  Most SIP/VoIP telephony providers have specific ports and settings that may need altering on your firewall. The following are common firewall ports and settings that are needed for most SIP/VoIP communications providers: TCP – 80 TCP – 443 UDP – 10000 to 60000 UDP – 53 UDP – 123 TCP & UDP – 5060 & 5062 ICMP SIP ALG Disabled SPI Disabled   Always check with your SIP provider to confirm the correct firewall configuration required for your SIP/VoIP telephone. Most good hosted telephony providers also offer further support for configuring and provisioning your SIP/VoIP telephone on their hosted telephony service.