Sonetel VoIP hosted SIP provisioning:

Sonetel state that their service will work with any SIP telephone or endpoint. See below general configuration/provisioning instruction to get your SIP telephone registered and working on a Sonetel hosted VoIP service.

Enter the following information into your SIP-phone.

  • SIP server or SIP Proxy:
  • SIP User ID and Authenticate ID: The first part of your email address.
    For example “joe” in “”
  • Domain/realm: The second part of your email address.
    For example “” in “”.
  • STUN server:

If your phone has a field for Outbound proxy do like this instead:

  • Enter as Outbound proxy
  • Enter The second part of your email address as SIP proxy.

Other recommendations

  • If your SIP phone has a Phone number field, enter your User ID here (see definition above).
  • Use ICE for the firewall detection, if available
  • The SIP registrar has the same address the same as SIP server.
  • The IP port for SIP proxy is 5060 (according to standard).
  • Transport type is UDP.