What Are The Top Headsets for Meetings And Conference Calls?

What Are The Top Headsets for Meetings And Conference Calls?

Video conferencing and stress-free communications are the future of business. Whether working from home or in a busy call centre, being able to contact your team, customers and suppliers are crucial. But when your sub-par telecom equipment isn’t up to the task, it can have knock-on effects on your business and customer experience. Investing in suitable headsets, conferencing hardware and video software can not only improve the call expediencies that your customers and suppliers have with your business but also improve productivity in your team.

From a wireless headset that allows flexibility and manoeuvrability while working from home to noise-cancelling headphones that make taking calls in a busy call centre stress-free, our team at Comms Warehouse have selected their top headsets for meetings and conference calls – no matter your working environment.

The headsets selected by our team of experts will ensure you never have to face poor call quality again. Featuring some of the top audio brands in the business, such as Jabra and Sennheiser, this guide to top headsets for busy professionals has something for everybody. If you are looking for great value headsets that boost productivity, improve call quality and look professional, then this blog is for you.

Jabra Evolve2 75

Fresh from the infamous Danish audio equipment maker, the Jabra Evolve2 75 offers users enhanced features and comfort across the board. A revamp of the popular Evolve 75 design, this new and improved Jabra headset boasts several advantages over its predecessor and is almost a complete rewrite of the original.

The all-new Jabra Evolve2 75 comes in two solution-focused variants and you have the option to either buy the headphones alone or together with a desktop charging base – a very popular option for office workers. While the original Jabra evolve 75 came to prominence at a time when inexpensive Bluetooth headsets became popular, the upgraded Evolve2 75 features enhanced microphones and audio capabilities for greater call clarity and even boasts advanced noise-cancelling and a retractable mic for meetings that take place in a busy workplace environment.

This Jabra headset is comfortable for extended wear (take call centre workers or back-to-back meeting) and have good battery life. All Evolve2 75 headsets can be either USB-A or USB-C versions, and the charging base is only USB-A. To top it off, Jabra even makes specific versions for UC and Microsoft Teams users.

Though many may suggest that this Jabra headset is at the higher end of the pricing bracket, you certainly get your money’s worth. For those who want a high-quality solution that suits both busy office spaces and work-from-home teams, the Jabra Evolve2 75 ticks all of the boxes.

Sennheiser PRESENCE UC Headset

Sennheiser is one of the most well-known and respectable hi-fi audio brands on the market so it was an easy choice to add them to our list. Now, you could opt for almost any one of the Sennheiser headphones that are available but, if you’re striving for a lightweight wireless headset that is designed for meetings on the move, then the Sennheiser PRESENCE UC Headset is the option for you.

The Presence UC ML Bluetooth Headset from Sennheiser boasts a sleek and modern design and looks nothing like your standard wireless headset. The black colour scheme – which has been stylishly combined with smooth lines – makes the device feel more like a gadget out of a spy movie than an actual business phone. This lightweight Bluetooth earpiece weighs only 0.3 kg and has been designed with frequent travellers in mind.

The PRESENCE UC wireless Headset incorporates technologies which provide the caller with a rich communication experience, even in noisy environments. Featuring optimised speech clarity and Unique SpeakFocus™ technology as well as 3 digital microphones, this Sennheiser headset enhances voice clarity in all sound environments. Not to mention the wireless headset also offers versatile connectivity options and you can use it with your PC, Mac or iPhone/iPad.

Poly – VOYAGER 5200

Times in the modern workplace have changed. Flexible locations, meetings on the go and virtual events are all here to stay. This means that your equipment needs to meet these new, flexible ways of working. That is where the Poly VOYAGER 5200 comes in. With cutting-edge WindSmart technology and a super adaptive noise-cancelling microphone, this wireless headset can go everywhere you can go.

The Poly (formerly known as Plantronics) Voyager 5200 is a mono earpiece which is extremely capable, reasonably inexpensive and has been designed for taking calls on the go. As well as allowing users to use the interactive functions of their Smartphones – such as Siri, Google Now or Cortana – but this wireless headset has also incorporated microphone muting, volume altering and voice activation into its sleek design.

What the comms warehouse experts love most about this wireless headset is that you have so many call-improving features packed into such a small and comfortable device. The 4 microphones (all packed with noise reduction technology) eliminate unwanted noise caused by the wind and even heavy breathing. If you combine this with its ergonomic design, the Poly wireless headset is guaranteed to make your next on-the-go meeting as comfortable as possible.

Buy top-quality refurbished headsets

Thanks to our own specialist Test & Repair Centre, the Comms Warehouse is able to produce high-quality refurbished products that are more suited for budgets and the environment. Our team of skilled Engineers and repair Technicians bench-test our inventory through a stringent quality management process which includes software upgrades, cosmetic renewal, warranty stamping and more.

To revamp or replace your outdated office hardware without taking a hit on your budget, request a quote from the experts at Comms Warehouse today.