Comms Warehouse – The Blog is Back!


As we launch our new blog we extend a warm welcome to anyone looking for tips and insights about our products. The Comms Warehouse Blog is where you will find ideas and information to help you select the right telephony for your business.

The COMMS WAREHOUSE Blog is back!

Comms Warehouse is a premier independent supplier of business phones and related hardware. Supplying nationwide, we can equip your organisation with business phones, IP phones, conference phones, even entire phone systems. You can also count on us if you need telephone headsets for staff in the office, or working from home. Our headsets are made by the world’s leading brands, and include popular features like wireless Bluetooth and noise-cancelling technology.


On these pages we’ll be doing our best to provide extra information about our range. We will use our blog to highlight and respond to the questions and products we get asked about most. We have a buying guide and a compatibility checker elsewhere on our site but look out here for purchase checklists, product reviews, purchase guides and special offers.


Getting the most from your telephony is not just about using and understanding the features. We will tell you more about how to prolong the life of your phone, thereby helping your business to meet its green targets. Our range of refurbished headsets and headsets is extensive, backed by our expert Repair & Refurb division. Thanks to this we have been able to save thousands of phones from landfill and instead, put them back into offices, good-as-new, but at generously-discounted prices.


Remember too that our expert team is always here to help. There aren’t many people who know as much about Gigabit LAN, microphone jacks or VoIP desk phones as they do, so please call or email if you need some help. Whether you are buying phones for a large corporation or a small business Comms Warehouse can help you make the right call.

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