When is it best to buy Refurbished?


Remote working is powering up demand for Refurbished Telecoms and IT equipment.  Why buy refurbished instead of new?

Smart Choices for Buyers

Buying used is nothing new. Second-hand cars, pre-loved furniture, old books and vintage clothing all have huge online and high street consumer marketplaces. Trawling the internet shows plenty of refurbished product options for business buyers too. Most popular are categories where replenishment costs are high. Phone hardware, laptops, desktops and monitors can be bought at huge savings. Similarly, smaller ticket items like refurbished telephone headsets make bargain buys, especially for bulk purchasers.

Promote Remote

They all have one more thing in common. Changing working patterns caused by the coronavirus pandemic means everyone needs to be able to work remotely. As a result, demand for telephony and IT tech is soaring as organisations seek to equip their employees for home working. So high is it that manufacturers like HP are struggling to keep up. Therefore refurbished equipment is a sustainable alternative to paying top-dollar for brand new equipment.

Steering clear of second-user hardware is no longer an option for many organisations. Astute corporate buyers are making Refurbished equipment part of their procurement mix. Keeping up with rivals that already have fully equipped remote workforces, and money left over in the bank, is prompting a change of tack.

Refurbished Business Equipment – what is it?

why-it-best-to-buy-refurbishedWhat does Refurbished mean? Refurbished covers previously-owned equipment, which has been checked, inspected and brought back to an acceptable working condition. Phrases like re-worked, re-conditioned and re-manufactured are sometimes used. They don’t all mean exactly the same thing but they do refer to varying degrees of the restoration process.

The best refurbished schemes now offer buyers the same peace of mind assurances they would get if buying new. Exemplary production line repair standards, conducted by highly qualified technicians, take refurbishment and repair to new levels.

Why Buy Refurbished?

Cost is the most obvious reason for buying second-hand equipment but not the only one. Managing available resources is a key objective for most organisations – especially in a lockdown, when work has to continue but revenue is uncertain.

Cash Flow

Businesses protect their profits by reducing expenditure. Choosing Refurbished office, IT or telecoms equipment extends the budget. Organisations furnishing employees with home working devices benefit from the lower outlay required for refurbished tech.


Refurbished equipment is usually available immediately from stock. No long factory lead times, shipping delays, global oil prices, currency rates and all those other excuses you sometimes get on new products. Even Governments can’t always help. Schools in England told they would get laptops during the pandemic found promised numbers to be much reduced or even non-existent.


Organisations with green procurement policies welcome opportunities to extend product lifespans. Sustainable sourcing of refurbished goods is better for the environment than buying new.


Top-of-the-range tech that was beyond budget on launch can be available for half the price just two, three years later. Some items rejected from sale after only a few months only have cosmetic or surface damage – an easy refurb fix.


Matching existing hardware with Refurbished goods can be a much more realistic purchasing option than throwing out an entire system for the sake of a few devices that need replacing.


Refurbished covers a near limitless number of older models and makes. Hard-to-find parts for legacy and end of life hardware are often still available so isn’t it best to buy refurbished if you can?


Testing of refurbished equipment is often more stringent than for brand new devices. Intensive pre-testing and refurb programmes from the most reputable companies means that their Grade A Telecoms and IT hardware really is in virtually perfect condition.

Time Saving

Refurbished telephony, laptops and desktops should be pre-installed with original factory settings and OS software for immediate start.


Warranties of 12 months or longer inspire confidence but anything less is risky. Find vendors that are most confident about their refurbished process.

A Refurbishment Programme second to none

In conclusion, refurbished makes good business sense. Differences between new and refurbished hardware are often negligible. From laptops and desktop PCs to telecoms hardware, handsets and head sets, businesses increasingly accept the benefits of recycled equipment.

Of course it always pays to do some homework. Anybody can set themselves up as a refurbished supplier. How do you tell which companies have the most reliable refurbished programmes?

Go for suppliers that have built entire businesses around their refurbished capability.  Specialist remanufacturers like Comms Warehouse have been repairing and refurbishing business equipment for more than 20 years. Their expertise in Telecoms and Computers is second to none.


Sourcing only from trusted sources, like UK businesses and public sector organisations, Comms Warehouse subjects every item to its unique 8-point Remanufacturing process. Surplus or redundant telephone hardware, telephone handsets and headsets, can all be brought back to life.

Stages include initial assessment (does the item even pass that?), cleaning, testing, upgrading, re-setting, repairing and packaging. The ultimate accolade is that Comms Warehouse refurbished telephony includes a ground-breaking 36-month warranty.


Computer equipment is subjected to the same extensive Refurbishment process. Comms Warehouse saves thousands of perfectly-decent laptops, best-to-buy-refurbished-computersPCs and monitors from landfill.

After initial inspection chosen devices enter the Refurbishment Programme. Clearing each device of data is an important initial task. Data cleansing is conducted to the highest Government standard using Blancco Data Cleaner. Data wiping of hard drives is done three times so it is more than sufficient to guarantee 100% erasure.

All Comms Warehouse Refurbished laptops and computers come with genuine Microsoft operating system licences. Consequently, one less thing to worry about – just like reliability, which is supported with generous warranties up to 36 months.

Why is it best to buy Refurbished from Comms Warehouse?

Comms Warehouse supplies top quality refurbished telephony and IT. Try our repair service first to see if we can restore your existing equipment. In addition, we even buy your surplus telecoms equipment off you. All of it is recycled or refurbished, or disposed of in accord with WEE regulations. Please email or call us on 0203 7642 655 for latest deals on refurbished telecoms and computers, or for immediate assistance on any repair enquiries.